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My masks with corpse paint are not to be worn on the face. Every exhibit in my gallery is a piece of black metal and it’s not supposed to cover anyone’s face. Its purpose is to uncover our deeply hidden realities which cannot be put into words.

My name is Hestus Warhallyah and I create all kinds of handicrafts, masks with corpse paints of black metal artists, devil heads, decupage…

I invite you to be inspired by my work. Maybe you want my art to enrich the style of your home, yard, office or place.

Originality document Certificate

This certificate attests to the authenticity of the purchased artwork and conforms to the highest standards of Hestus Warhallyah – artist and Corpse Paint Mask art gallery owner. All animal materials come from animal waste sent for disposal, or other documented sources that in no way generate demand for slaughtering or shooting animals. The document you are just reading guarantees that the item is unique and has its own perpetual photo gallery on the official website corpsepaint.com.

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Few words about me black metal in the heart

In the past I co-created a black metal band Cor in which I growled and played the guitar. However, this project never left the garage. I started creating black metal in the form of other forms of art that you can admire in my gallery.

I also deal with tattooing, drawing, piercing, alternative nails and tailoring, and I’m a Polish language teacher by profession.

You can see my portfolio of tattoos and piercings on my studio’s website:

I invite people who are interested in my works to contact me. I encourage cooperation of teams that would like to enrich their merch with masks or flags, owners of PUBs who want to diversify the interiors of their premises and you, however you see my art in your life.

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